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About type two Diabeets


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Diabeets is a serious disease that needs to have medical attention as soon as some symptoms begin to surface.  The reason why Diabeets is serious is because it will cause the body to shut down and you will go into sugar shock. After sugar, shock the body will go into a coma and a person may never come out of the comatose state. Diabeets, in general, can cause the body to stop circulating the blood flow properly and that’s why many diabetics have to have parts of their body amputated. Diabetics also have a higher change of developing kidney, pancreas, and other organ diseases. 

Type two Diabeets will usually affect people much older than that of type one. It is the most common type of Diabeets and effects thousands of people each day. It is also referred to as adult onset Diabeets. 

Typically, it is due to being overweight, but there are exceptions to the rule. Type one is where your body lacks insulin and type one is where you body will begin to resist insulin. This type is developed by usually genetics and often is passed down through generations. The insulin levels with type two diabetics are sometimes normal, but the body won’t respond to it. This will create higher blood levels because the body is not using the glucose up. When you have type one you are considered to have symptoms of hyperglycemia, however you will have the opposite reaction with type two and have hypoglycemia. 

Hypoglycemia is where you have low blood sugar. It is from the fact that your body cannot provide enough energy for the activities of the body.   It will cause you to be hungry much like type one. It will also make you very nervous or shaky. You will perspire more than the average person and you will become dizzy or light headed. You will become over anxious or weak which will cause you to have difficulty speaking or feeling restless. You will also become confused and possibly hallucinate. Because of your anxiety, you may have nightmares or perspire so much during sleep that your entire bed becomes wet or damp. You will often wake up tired, irritable, and confused. 

Type two is the most common type of Diabeets and exists in all cultures. It is often the result from obesity and it is doesn’t discriminate ethnically or racially. Obesity has become a problem for today’s world and has been found as a tendency to promote Diabeets rather it’s genetically enhanced or not.

The causes of the disease have many factors to blame, but genetics seem to be the strongest factor. Obesity is also found to be genetically enhanced and the two could be related somehow.  Treatment is simple, it is taken orally to lower the blood sugar which can cause hypoglycemia and at some point insulin injections may be needed. 

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