Horlicks Diabetes Plus, Vanilla, 400G

June 7, 2024 | by saddlebrown-pelican-893903.hostingersite.com


If you are looking for a nutritious and delicious drink to help manage your diabetes, look no further than Horlicks Diabetes Plus in the delightful Vanilla flavor. This 400g jar of goodness is specially formulated to provide essential nutrients while keeping blood sugar levels in check. Let’s delve into the details of this innovative product and how it can benefit individuals with diabetes.

Introducing Horlicks Diabetes Plus, Vanilla, 400G

Horlicks Diabetes Plus is a unique offering from the trusted brand Horlicks, known for its commitment to providing nutritious beverages for all ages. This variant is specifically crafted for individuals with diabetes, making it a safe and healthy choice for those looking to maintain their blood sugar levels. The rich Vanilla flavor adds a touch of indulgence to this functional drink, making it a delightful treat for any time of the day.

A Nutritious Drink for Managing Diabetes

Containing a carefully curated blend of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals, Horlicks Diabetes Plus is designed to support overall health and well-being in individuals with diabetes. With a focus on regulating blood sugar levels, this drink is a convenient way to supplement your diet while enjoying a delicious vanilla taste. Simply mix a few spoonfuls of the powder with warm milk or water for a comforting and nutritious beverage.


Horlicks Diabetes Plus, Vanilla, 400G is a versatile and beneficial option for individuals looking to manage their diabetes without compromising on taste. With its focus on nutrition and blood sugar control, this drink offers a convenient way to support your health goals. Incorporate Horlicks Diabetes Plus into your daily routine and enjoy the benefits of a well-rounded and delicious beverage designed specifically for individuals with diabetes.



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